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About Penny
Penny is an accomplished Mass Choreographer and Stadium Theatre Producer (Olympic style Opening & Closing Ceremonies) who has observed, worked on or produced local and international Ceremonies, TV Advertisements and Productions for the 1999 All Africa Games, 2000 Sydney Olympics, 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup and the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations in Ghana, amongst others. She is a co-recipient of the Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership Award. 


TV Adverts / Commercials
Penny is an expert in choreographing mass casts and performers for TV Adverts. Examples include the new Pepsi 2010 global Football Commercial featuring multi-platinum award winning artist Akon and soccer super stars Arshavin, Drogba, Henry, Kaká, Lampard and Messi. Other adverts include AKBANK, Bergenbier, Sanlam, RTVE and Nestle. She has worked on over 100 television adverts or productions.

2010 Soccer Pepsi Ad

Stadium Theatre - Mass Choreographer
Opening & Closing Ceremonies of Olympic proportions. With a cast of thousands Penny Jones has created internationally acclaimed shows such as the 1999 All Africa Games, 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup and the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations in Ghana. In 2010 she created the Mass Displays for the 40th Celebration of the Sultanate of Oman for a cast of 12500.

All Africa Games


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