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ICC Cricket World Cup 2003 Opening Ceremony
The BIGGEST show on the African continent!
Sat 8th Feb 2003 Newlands Cape Town South Africa


“Here we are, all together, at our best, in all our glory!”
Jabu (Zulu for joy, aka Ja Broer) our tour guide, takes a small group of international cricket fans on a trip through Africa, finishing up in Cape Town in time for the Opening Ceremony of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003. 
The experience of this tour exposes the group to the fauna, flora, culture, music, hospitality and beauty of our country.
The scenes climax with South Africa’s “Warmest Welcome” to the participating teams and the rest of the world.
Not only does the show reflect the diversity of Africa, it captures the very spirit of the “African Renaissance”; a revival of interest in our African-ness, a rebirth in the richness of Africa’s resources.



The Prelude aims to introduce you to the Audience Leaders who will guide you through a variety of participation techniques. These techniques will be rehearsed for maximum enjoyment and involvement. The inimitable Marc Lottering is your host, setting the tone for celebration and a welcoming laugh, and South Africa’s silent motivational speaker, Steve Barnett, will "move and shake" you into sharing completely in the Opening Ceremony of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003!

Prelude Director - Steve Boyd
Audience Participation Concepts - Steve Barnett
Original Prelude Music - Peter Greenwall & Jorge Arrigone
Audience Choreographer - Kate Ndlavana, Raylene Plaatjies
Video Insert Producer - Sue Lloyd Roberts
Cast (In order of appearance) Heathfield Music Ensemble, Under-19 Cricketers, Marc Lottering (Host), Audience Leaders, Steve Barnett, Dazzler, Moyawetu



Safari : Scene 1 – “Dawn”

Directed by imagineer Keith Anderson, celebrates animal instinct and the rawness of Africa. It is dawn and the beginning of our safari; a magical beginning which sets the tone for what is to follow! This is unpredictable Africa at its best and within moments the natural elements together create chaos, as the hunter and the hunted play a series of mind games, culminating in a traditional celebratory dance. The Big 5 get involved in a ‘cat and mouse’ chase with our tourists, while baboons cavort and chant encouragement on giant trampolines. The natural beauty and the regal stature of our classic beasts coupled with the majestic vistas and sweeping landscapes of our motherland, makes this : Scene the perfect picture postcard to send out to the world.

Conceived and Created - Penny Jones
: Scene Director - Keith Anderson
Props & Costumes Designed - Keith Anderson
Assistant Designer - Mauro Faraoni
Music Composed by - Jorge Arrigone, Peter Greenwall
Staging - Doug Jack
Prop Choreography - Mauro Faraoni
Tourist and San Direction - Alfred Rietmann
Circus Skills - Lloyd Sanderson
Charting - Steve Boyd
Cast Co-ordinator - Alfred Rietmann
Indian Tourist - Faiek Hendericks
British Tourist - Parnita Jeaven
Australian Tourist - Herman Cloete
Canadian Tourist - Loretta de Moor
Caribean Tourist - Daniel Smith
Meerkats Made by Hugo, The Estreaux Design Studio (in collaboration with The Marion Institute)
Safari Animals - Stage Art
Guest Artist - Johnny Clegg



Unity : Scene 2 – “Midday”

As the tourists settle down, they are entertained in true local style, as director Mbongeni Ngema celebrates the rainbow nation and the coming together of Africans in the spirit of unity. Through mass displays of traditional dance styles, changing patterns weave together people and cultures. The colours of our South African national flag enhance the visual harmony of this scene. As the only six colour flag in the world, this is a potent symbol of unity and progress. Leleti Khumalo and Brown Mkhize’s lyrical contribution acknowledges South Africa’s passage to democracy, and bears testament to the determination of the people who contributed to a free South Africa. This scene speaks of unity from diversity – this is our way forward.

Conceived and Created - Penny Jones
Scene Director - Mbongeni Ngema
Associate Director - Doug Jack
Props & Costumes Designed - Keith Anderson
Assistant Designer - Mauro Faraoni
Music Composer - Mbongeni Ngema, Philipp Maier
Indian Dance Group - Vadhini Indian Arts Academy
Performers - Leleti Khumalo, Brown Mkhize
Staging - Doug Jack
Choreographers - Zodwa Mpanza, Thapi Khambule, Ngwenya, Kate Ndlavana
Tourist Direction - Alfred Rietmann
Charting - Steve Boyd
Cast Co-ordinator - Ntandazo (Didi) Gcingca 
Guest Artist - Notembi



Township : Scene 3 – “Evening”

Directed by Richard Loring, takes our tourists on a tour at dusk into the heart of a typical township. Visually this scene celebrates the multi-faceted elements of our South African township lifestyle, where the vibrant sounds of township life converge as pantsulas, jazz singers, jive artists, kwaito kids and penny whistlers take the stage. Many local celebrity artists, in a celebration of contemporary African sound, join in the rhythms of township life.

Conceived and Created - Penny Jones
Scene Director - Richard Loring
Associate Director - Doug Jack
African Footprint Dance Director - Bryan Hill
Props & Costumes Designer - Keith Anderson
Music Composition
Fast Lane Jive - Dave Pollecutt
Laduma Lamthatha - Rebecca Mahlope
A Cry, A Smile, A Dance - Judith Sephuma
Umqombothi - Yvonne Chaka Chaka
Pantsula; African Footprint - Dave Pollecutt
Haai Bo – Arthur
Fast Lane Jive - African Footprint
Gospel - Rebecca Malope & Avante
Jazz - Judith Sephuma
Bubblegum - Yvonne Chaka Chaka
Pantsula - African Footprint
Kwaito - Arthur, Mzambiya, Msawawa, Lekgoa
Guest Artists - Soweto String Quartet
Staging - Doug Jack
Choreographers - Debbie Rakusin, Stephen Pele, Kate Ndlavana
Tourist Direction - Alfred Rietmann
Cast Co-ordinator - Lulama Mshudulu
Charting - Steve Boyd



Ocean : Scene 4 – “Waking dreams”

Classical ballet specialist Veronica Paeper directs the water worlds of the two oceans that meet at the southern most point of Africa. Scene 4 finds our tourists in a dreamlike stupor, engaging with the vulnerable nature of South Africa’s marine and coastal resources. With the help of the Goddess of the Sea, and the new age sounds of composer Charl Johan Lingenfelder, South Africa’s 2,798km of coast will be prreserved for the Jackass Penguins, the Southern Right Whales and the Coelacanths that inhabit our coast. OCEAN celebrates good over bad, right over wrong, light over dark!

Conceived and Created - Penny Jones
Scene Director - Veronica Paeper
Associate Director - Doug Jack, Keith Anderson
Props & Costumes Design - Keith Anderson
Music Composer - Charl Johan Lingenfelder
Performers - Cape Town City Ballet, Marianne Bauer, Johnny Bovang, Laura Cameron, Michael Johnston, Tracy Li, Michelle Louw, Daniel Rajna, Leanne Voysey, Mervyn Williams
Staging - Doug Jack
Prop Choreography - Mauro Faraoni
Choreography - Veronica Paeper, Debbie McDonald
Tourist Direction - Alfred Rietmann
Cast Co-ordinator - Frizelle van Bresies
Charting - Steve Boyd



Innovation : Scene 5 – “Waking reality”

Lighting up the Dark Continent, with a driving original soundtrack, get ready to have your heartbeat turned up as we move into the future of Africa through its music, fashion, dance and sport. Directed by multi award-winning international choreographer Doug Jack, this scene pays homage to traditional knowledge and contemporary technology. Our tourists see South Africa’s fashion Divas take to the catwalk in Gavin Rajah originals, showcasing unique accessories from the Klein Karoo Cooperative LTD., in the colours of the African landscape.

Conceived and Created - Doug Jack, Penny Jones
Scene Director - Doug Jack
Props & Costumes Design - Keith Anderson, Gavin Rajah
Original Music Concept - Nathan Annandale
Music Composition - Jorge Arrigone,  Peter Greenwall
Performers of Music - Jorge Arrigone,  Peter Greenwall
Staging - Doug Jack
Choreography - Brigitte Reeve
Tourist Direction - Alfred Rietmann
Charting - Steve Boyd
Model & Hostess Garment Design - Gavin Rajah
Assistant Designer - Verona Dove
Management - Paul Jackson; Leisure Works
Jewelry Designer - Jenny Miller; Armilla
Hair - Tony Martin; Yazoo
Seamstress - Faheema Abrahams, Fareeda Amoo, Yolanda Jurd, Fadwa Breda
Beader - Crystal Components, Swarovski, Austria
Ostrich Skins and Feathers - Klein Karoo International



African Sporting Ambassadors

The introduction of the 40 African Sporting Ambassadors and the official ICC Cricket World Cup 2003 Anthem heralds in the real stars of our show, the 14 international Cricket Teams who have made their own journey to Cape Town, for this prestigious event.



Protocol : Scene 6 – The Teams

The Protocol scene, directed by Wendy van Diemem-Smit welcomes and wishes all a happy and memorable African sporting experience. The ICC Cricket World Cup 2003 CEO Dr Ali Bacher introduces the President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr Thabo Mbeki, who declares the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003 open.



"Karnaval" Welcome : Scene 7 – “Midday”

The Cape Town "Karnaval", directed by Raylene Plaatjies, celebrates the richness of the Cape Minstrels and also brings our tourists to the end of their journey.  Drum Majorettes and Cape Town welcome music, composed by David Kramer and Taliep Peterson, complete the carnival atmosphere that heralds the end of the Opening Ceremony, but the beginning of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003.

Conceived and Created - Penny Jones
Scene Directors - Raylene Plaatjies, Wendy van Diemen-Smidt
Props & Costumes Design - Keith Anderson
Staging - Doug Jack
Music Composed - David Kramer, Taliep Peterson
SA Navy Band Conductor - Commander Mike Oldham
Choir Conductor - Edward Aitchson
Performers of Music - SANDF Navy Band,  Cape Town Minstrels, Drum Majorettes
Choreography - Raylene Plaatjies
Cast Co-ordinator - Merle February
Charting - Steve Boyd
Pyrotechnic Director - Alan Muller; Fx Unlimited



Executive Producer - Penny Jones
Chairman - Ken Annandale
Associate Producer - Mark West
Assistant Producers - Raylene Plaatjies, Matthews Mokome [Sadly missed]

Artistic - Keith Anderson
Audience Participation - Steve Barnett
Financial - Hemi Govan
Lighting - Marilyn Lowey
Operations - Steyn Momberg
PR & Media - Eddy Cassar
Show & Staging - Doug Jack
Sound - Johan Griesel
Special Effects - Alan Muller
Stage & Fop Cover - Trevor Paull
Stage Management - David A Yates
Technical - Eyal Yehezkely
TV - Anne Williams
TV Staging - Neil Mckay  [Sadly missed]

Creative Director - Penny Jones
Scene 1 - Keith Anderson
Scene 2 - Mbongeni Ngema
Scene 3 - Richard Loring
Scene 4 - Veronica Paeper
Scene 5 - Doug Jack
Scene 6  - Wendy Smidt
Scene 7 - Raylene Plaatjies
Audience Participation - Steve Barnett
Prelude - Steve Boyd

Administration & Finance
Financial Director - Hemi Govan
Auditors - Lester Cotton Deloitte & Touché
Legal Advisor - Lance Friedman
Contracts Co-ordinator - Ken Annandale
Procurement Director - Alexander Gilbert
Office Manager - Una Finnucane
PA To Chairman - Jenny Kallis
PA To Executive Producer - Juanita Miller
Financial Administrator - Edna Jordan
IT Support - Nathan Annandale
Receptionist - Fikiswe Mangolwane
Service Staff - Nellie Khumalo
Transport Coordinators - Gillian & Anne Fraser
Drivers - Peter Alexander, George Van Diemen

Art Department
Artistic Designer & Director - Keith Anderson
Assistant Artistic Designer - Mauro Faraoni
Props & Wardrobe Master - Francois Sesselberg
Props Master Assistant - Michael De Vine
Props Assistant - Mathew De Vine, Darryl Jantjies
Giant Inflatables Co-Ordinator - Warren Batchelor
Wardrobe & Props Co-Ordinator - Wendy Van Diemen-Smidt
Wardrobe Mistress - Shahida April
Assistant Wardrobe Mistress - Sandra Daniels
Wardrobe Assistants - Brenda Arendse, Yvonne Arendse, Veronica Adendorff
Artscape Costumes - Penny Simpson
Artscape Props - Louis Le Grange
Tourist Driver - Warren Batchelor

Black Empowerment
Director - Matthews Mokome  [Sadly missed]
PDI Co-Ordinator - Amos Malekane

Cast & Crew
Care Director - Lisa Adolph
Project Director - Lloyd Sanderson
Volunteer Crew Manager - Sulaiman Fredericks
Cast Co-Ordinators:
Scene 1 Alfred Rietmann
Scene 2 Ntandazo Didi Gcingca
Scene 3 Lulama Mshudulu
Scene 4 Frizelle Van Bresies
Scene 6 & 7 Merle February
Training Director - Theo Jansen
Volunteer Trainer - Pete Byne
Specialized Cast - Lloyd Sanderson Trapeze School
Care & Thank You Packs - Monica Childs

Make Up & Hair
Make-Up Director - Gillian Lentin
Carlton Hair

Mass Display Choreography
Director - Doug Jack
Assistant Director - Raylene Plaatjies
Charting & Prelude Director - Steve Boyd
Choreographers – Kate Ndlavana, Debbie Mc Donald, Hayley Osmond, Marilyn Julies, Nandi Dukashe, Shaneen Bryan, Thapi Khambule

Committee Chairman – Duma Ka Ndlovu
Director – Peter Greenwall
Compiler – Jorge Arrigone
Choir Conductor – Edward Aitchison
SA Navy Band Conductor – Cdr Mike Oldham

Opening Video
Producers – Orijin New Media SA
Director – Leon Schoeman
Producer – Rudi Sennett
Editor – David Scholfield
Additional Footage & Support – Courtesy World Sports Organisation, Mark Shuttleworth, Interactive Africa

Director – Steyn Momberg
Managers – Karl Straszacker, Milo Gabric, Stephen Tshuka
Infrastructure Management – Mauritz Botha, Paul Clarke
Cast Transport Manager – Grant Markey
Cast Transport Co-Ordinators – Evan Van Zyl, Martin Matsheka
Volunteer Crew Manager – Tanya Fourie
Health Safety & Fire Advisor – Mike Brand

Kevin James

Production Manager – Ziyanda Ngcaba
Production & Procurement Assistant – Gerald Van Wijk
Production Co-Ordinator – Fran Cox
Celebrity Artist Liaison – Yvonne Van Kempen

Radio Communications
Director – Barry Forbes
Technician – Elton Keating
Administrator – Anna Forbes

Sound, Lighting & Power
Lighting Structures, Power, Rigging & Sound Supplied By Gearhouse SA
Technical Director – Eyal Yehezkely
Lighting Designer – Marilyn Lowey
Lighting Director – Dennis Rudge
Lighting Programmer – Seth Rapaport
Technical Crew – Bill Lawford, Adrian Skinner, Alfred Shabalala, Antony Sackstein, Busi Ngema, Chrispen Mathe, Dylan Taljaard, Elvis Msipha, Enos Hlongwane, George Majola, Ian Wellan, Jason Dixon, Johan Ferreira, Leon Mehlwana, Pary Mopai, Ryan Kinman, Sammy Matile, Scott Duhig, Steven Masonganyika, Thulani Mazibuko, Trevor Mbazo, Wikus Visser
Sound Technicians – Amory Speelman, Andrew Viljoen, Bjorn Fielding, Bulelani Kalman, Eugene Smith, Kevin Bule, Roger Scheepers

Stage & FOP Cover
Director & Designer – Trevor Paull
Associate Designer & Co-Ordinator – Paul Judd
Construction – Hue Ferguson
Rigging Co-Ordinators – Paul Lowenthal; Yusuf Salie; Ian Davies
Structural Engineer Eas – Tedd Kelly
Stage Surveyor – Biff Lewis

Stage Management
Director – David A Yates
Assistant Director – Sue Lloyd-Roberts
Floor Manager – Nigel Sweet
Senior Stage Managers – Cara Dowling, Ivan Siegelaar, Tougheeda Jacobs
Assistant To Stage Director – Brenda Fahy

Director – Anne Williams
Staging Director – Neil Mckay 
[Sadly missed]
Prelude TV Director – Di Rosen
Outside Broadcast – Airtime
Telkom SA - Peter Gird, John Bright, Charles Gentle, Cutting Edge, Pat Lennox Octagon
Show Script Compiler – Candice Dalziel
Storyboard Artist – Anusha Naicker
Scriptwriter – Kelly Lilienfeld

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