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7th All Africa Games 1999 Opening Ceremony
Friday 10 September 1999 - Johannesburg South Africa

As a founding member of the Vulindlela Consortium, Penny Jones and her production team conceived, produced and choreographed the 3500 strong Mass-Displays for the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the 7th All Africa Games held in Johannesburg, South Africa during September 1999.  Other consortium members included Penny Jones Promotions (Creative, Charting, Mass Displays, Performer Selection & Training), Starlight Productions (Technical, TV, Admin & Finance), Universal Productions (Pyrotechnics), Laser Creations International (Laser Effects), Event Resources (Athletes Parade, Village Welcome & Medal Ceremonies) and the I Can Foundation (Cast Co-ordination).

"For the first time in history, the All African Games are held in South Africa.  We welcome you to the celebrations and ceremonies of the 7th All Africa Games".



Setting the field with 1500 performers prior to the opening. 
Clad in white costumes and a blue light show they blend with the white stadium floor covering creating a mystical prelude to the show.

The Start of the Biggest Show in Africa
The spectacular pyrotechnic explosion brings the 1500 performers to life

The Birth of Africa
"A joyful celebration, in music and dance, of mankind's rise to take his rightful place in the continent of Africa - sharing the land with the animals and with his fellow man".
The spectacular start of the show with the 20m x 40m high Giant Water Screen and the Birth of the Nation Audio Visual

6 Big Drummers pick up the rhythm from the Audio Visual and are joined on stage by a further 100 drummers

The performers rise revealing their colours while 100 traditional dancers enter between the two groups from the back

The performers commence an intricate mass movements backwards and forwards across the stadium floor

They then create a dramatic 1500 performer Catherine wheel

and create the Continent of Africa while the Audience participates in rhythmic percussion techniques under the baton of Steve Barnett.

The Gigantic Ndebele Dolls enter the stadium produced by the French theatre group OPOSITO

move into the centre of the continent and reveal 100 mini-dancers

A South African Welcome & Parade of Nations
"From every corner of Africa and its islands, the continent's finest young men and women answer the call, marching into the stadium".
Creating the 7th All Africa Games Logo the Mass Display performers welcome in the participating athletes.

52 nations took part in this sensational march past. 
Steve Barnett the Percussion Director and 125 Volunteer Audience leaders kept the audience thumping away in the biggest ever percussion event on the Continent of Africa.

Africa is Gathering
"A specially written theme for the 7th All Africa Games".
The rainbow audience participation on a scale never before seen in Africa.

National Ceremony
"The athletes and officials are presented to the world, as they take the oath and raise their flags high".
President Thabo Mbeki officially welcomes the athletes and declares the 7th All Africa Games open relayed on the massive stadium video screen for all to see.

National Anthem
The 500 choir members dressed in white join the 1500 to create the South African Flag to perform the National Anthem

Rainbow Voices
"A musical celebration of sang and dance, from the past to the present and into the future".
A medley of top South African singers including Vicky Sampson, Miriam, Jabu, Zamu, PJ Powers, Claire Johnson and SuperGroup TK Zee entertain the crowds.

Grand Finale
"Starting with the lighting of the flame, we ignite the spirit of the games in explosive style".
The cast spontaneously formed the continent of Africa just before the sensational final pyrotechnic scene.

Photographer Danie Coetzee

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