Opening Ceremonies
l Stadium Theatre l TV Adverts l Mass Choreographer l Producer l Consultant l Auditor

Stadium Theatre

Ms Jones is fascinated with and an acclaimed specialist in the art of 3-dimensional Stadium Theatre; i.e. the use of thousands of performers to tell an unfolding story by creating massive coloured shapes, patterns and images on the central field of play. Supplemented by sensational music, specialized props, spectacular aerial displays, state of the art technical effects and interactive participation of the audience, a truly multi-dimensional show comes alive.


1999 All Africa Games Ceremonies
l Creator, producer and choreographer of the mass displays for the  [CLICK]

2003 ICC Cricket World Cup Opening Ceremony
l Executive Producer [CLICK]

2008 Africa Cup of Nations Soccer Tournament
l Creator, Staging Director and Mass Display Choreographer


  Updated 03 Jan 2013