Penny Jones - Mass Display Choreographer / Show Designer / Consultant

Penny is a world-class expert in the area of Mass Display Choreography and Logistics. Her training in Fine Arts (BA FA), astute analytical ability, keen attention to precision [from her world-champion Drill Team experience], has resulted in her unusually high level of expertise in the area of Show Design, Mass Display Design and Charting, applicable to the arena of Stadium Shows and TV Adverts. Penny's most valuable attributes are:  creativity, focus, discipline, resourcefulness, energy, meticulous planning and execution, professionalism, passion, inspiration, effectiveness, organisational skills, leadership, control and graciousness.


Penny offers her services as a specialist consultant in the area of Mass Displays, Stadium Events and TV Adverts. Her experience as an Stadium Theatre Executive Producer has led to a keen understanding of all related departments required for the successful delivery of Stadium Shows. Penny prefers to focus on her area of expertise in Mass Display and work with an established Production Team. Her broadbased understanding of a Full-Service-Production (Creative-Management-Execution), allows her to provide unique value to her clients as their executive consultant.


In 1996, Penny was exposed to the power of “Stadium Theatre” at the Atlanta Summer Olympics Opening ceremony produced by Don Micher and the under the leadership of award-winning stage director, Judy Chabola. Penny developed a deep passion for Stadium Events. Her preferred area of contribution is that of Mass Display Director which includes Charting and Staging. She is also particularly strong in designing back-of-house Cast Movement.  More recently, her artistic eye and impeccable knowledge of the show has resulted in her role as assistant to the TV Director.



Penny has excelled in the specialised area of Mass Display Choreography for TV Ads. She has developed a solid reputation in the area of vertical [top down] animated movement.  A comprehensive understanding of the processes and meticulous preparation, ensures quick and efficient rehearsals and the effective delivery of the required camera shots [often in record time]. Her amenable personality, consistent calmness and respect for the cast and crew, adds to an enjoyable professional working environment. Her willingness to share her skills with local teams assists in creating long-term legacy.