Penny Jones - Client Comments


ICC Cricket World Cup Opening Ceremony

Dr Ali Bacher, Executive Director 2003 ICC World Cup, Johannesburg, South Africa
“In 2000 I was invited by NOCSA and Sam Ramsamy to witness the Olympic Games in Sydney. I was staggered and fascinated by the magnitude and splendour of the Opening Ceremony. As Executive Director of the 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup, I was determined to emulate as best we could, the Opening Ceremony for the Cricket World Cup in Cape Town in February 2003. Under the Leadership and Directorship of Penny Jones, this was achieved. She displayed passion and commitment for the Event which was an unqualified success and the first of its kind in the history of ICC Cricket World Cups.”

Penny_Jones_Global_Media_Ghana_LogoAfrica Cup of Nations Opening Ceremony

Edward Boateng - CEO Global Media, Accra, Ghana.
“I was confident that you would be able to deliver on our brief after the initial meeting. You provided a level of detail that was comforting. Your prior experience also counted in dealing with large swathes of people. Your attention to detail, patience, ability to impart knowledge in a timely manner.”

Penny_Jones_2014_African_Womens_Championship Isabella Hauses - CEO Group Godisha, Windhoek, Namibia
“It was an honour to have worked with you and Ken”

Penny_Jones_Aegis_Trust_LogoRwanda Genocide 20th Commemoration

His Excellency Thabo Mbeki - [Former President Republic of South Africa]
“Beautiful yet disturbing”

Stephen Smith - Aegis Trust, LA, USA
“The measure of success is often only really seen from those outside our immediate Team. I am pleased to share with you that our visitors, the journalists, academics, and partners we have around the world , have only expressed admiration , gratitude, and goodwill through the work that we have done. Thank-you for making this a possibility.”

Dr James Smith - Aegis Trust, London, UK
“It was awesome to-day. You created something very special. A remarkable job under very difficult circumstances.”

Franco Kanimba - Kwibuka 20, Kigali, Rwanda
“Your experience and personality was a tremendous contribution to our project’s completion.“

Hope Azeda - Creative Director, Kwibuka 20, Kigali, Rwanda.
“I loved a lot your level of organisation, but also your high level of creating a respectful working environment”

Penny_Jones_Savage_Production_LogoTV Advert
Michael Baumbrick - Producer Savage Productions, Prague, Czechoslovakia
“Your previous work talks for itself in a strong way. Your combination of firm structure, imagination and creativity- make you the best in the world in your genre.”

Penny_Jones_Mitra_Products_LogoTV Advert
Costin Rantes - Producer Mitra Films, Bucharest, Romania.
“I have to say being honest I anytime love having you in my team as it gives me a comfort that the result will be the one which we promised the Agencies.”

Penny_Jones_Giant_Films_LogoTV Advert
Cindy Gabriel Giant Films, Cape Town, South Africa.
“A highly professional service, you managed a great team. The 500 plus extras in the fields were beautifully supervised.”