Penny Jones - Mass Display and Stadium Event Consultant

Penny’s experience as an Executive Producer has also led to her keen understanding of all related departments required for the successful delivery of Stadium Shows as well as the Leadership and EQ skills . Although Penny prefers to focus on her area of expertise in Mass Display and rather work with an established Production Team, this broad-based understanding of a Full Service Production (Creative-Management-Execution) allows Penny Jones to provide unique value to her Clients as consultation per the agreed scope.These competencies include Knowledge and awareness of the following areas:

Stakeholder Management
Liaison with Ministry of Arts and Culture, Sponsors, City and Provincial Committees
Project Management
Project Assistants, Client Services, Master Budget,Funding, Project Plan, Risk Management, Suppliers Contracts, Asset Management, Office Management, PR and Media Briefings, Skills Transfer and local Cultural Interface.
Creative Team
Theatrical, Dramaturg, Script Creation and Updates, Music/ Soundscape, Design Team- Video Graphics, Set Designer, Software Designer, Script Writer, Props Design, Costumes Design, Hair and Make-up Design, Lighting Design, Sound design. Pyro and Special Effects Design, Segment Producers, Official Programme
Protocol Department
VIP Speeches, Flag Raising, Parades, Fly Pasts, National Anthems. Medal Ceremonies.
TV Department , Multiple Broadcast Units, Camera Scripts, Storyboards, Live and Pre-recorded. Commercial Free to Air and national Broadcasters.

Operations General
Health & Safety, Logistics, Accreditation, Catering, Transport, Travel and Accommodation, Security, Medical.
Operations Site Specific
Overlays, Site Management, Plants and Equipment, Fittings and Fixtures, Structures, Freight and Handling, Rehearsal Days, Waste Management.

Technical Management
Staging, Rigging, Mechanical & Engineering, CAD and 3D plans, Aerial/Flying, Crew, Load in, Load Out, Production.
Technical Services
Lighting, Pyro , Audio , Comms Loops, Data, Video, Power, Robotics.
Costume Department
Wardrobe-Manufacture, Fittings and alterations, Maintenance and Storage, Distribution and Collection.Hair and Make-up.
Props Department
Manufacture, Storage and Maintenance, Distribution and Collection.
Cast Department
Volunteer Cast, Volunteer Cast Co-ordinators, Marketing, Public Authorities Liason, Media Liason, Agreements and Contracts, Cast Data Base, Auditions, Rehearsal Bibs,Scheduling, Chaperons, Cast Training packs and online programmes, Cast Care Packs and Awards
Cast Department
Professional Cast, Artist Ryders, VIP Cast Care and Management
Audience Participation Programs
Audience Leaders, Audience Packs, Audience Training
Stage Management Department
Stage Manager Assistants, Show Caller, Script Management, Show Cueing and Stacking Orders, Spectators, Services, Screen/s, Rehearsal Schedule, Rehearsal Preparation and Pack Up, Department Liasons, Cast Movement Plan, Choreography Mark Out, Show Management, Signage.

Penny Jones works as an individual, however as she has developed a wide network of international experts in this highly specialized field, she can assist clients build an appropriate team if required.

More recently, Penny has added value to her Clients by incorporating a unique training for local Mass Display Assistants and Team Members. This allows for a more cost effective solution rather than importing teams from elsewhere and builds long term skills transfer and education for other future projects.

These consultations can be booked as online Skype or site meetings.