Penny Jones - Stadium Events

Ever since Penny was first exposed to the Power of “Stadium Theatre” at the Atlanta Summer Olympics of 1996, she has developed a deep passion for Stadium Events.

Penny’s preferred area of contribution is as Mass Display Director which includes Charting and Staging. She also is particularly strong in designing back of house Cast Movement so that the flow of the show is optimized.

More recently, Penny’s Artistic eye and impeccable knowledge of the Show has resulted in her usefulness in the TV OB van as assistant to the TV Director.

Penny’s experience as an Executive Producer has also led to her keen understanding of all related departments required for the successful delivery of Stadium Shows as well as the Leadership and EQ skills . Although Penny prefers to focus on her area of expertise in Mass Display and rather work with an established Production Team, this broadbased understanding of a Full Service Production (Creative-Management-Execution) allows Penny Jones to provide unique value to her Clients as consultation per the agreed scope.

Penny Jones works as an individual, however as she has developed a wide network of International Experts in this highly specialized field ,she can assist Clients build an appropriate Team if required.

More recently, Penny has added value to her Clients by incorporating a unique Training programe for local Mass Display Assistants and Team Members. This allows for a more cost effective solution rather than importing teams from elsewhere and builds long term skills transfer and education for other future projects.

2014 20th Commemoration of the Rwandan genocide “Shadows of Memory” in Kigali, Rwanda

Mass Display and Staging Director, Consultant. Incorporated Training Programe for Local Mass Display Assistants.

2014 9th CAF African Women’s Soccer Championships Opening Ceremony in Windhoek, Namibia.

Mass Display and Staging Director. Creative design re Costumes, props and music. Incorporated Training Programme for local Mass Display Assistants. Show Consultant. Assistant to TV Director –calling camera shots in TV OB Van.

2010 40th Anniversary of the Sultan of Oman Stadium Ceremony in Muscat, Oman

 Mass Display Consultant and Designer and original Creative Input. Designed and implemented Training programe for 12000 plus children from 60 x schools. Original props, costumes, logistics and Stage Management templates. Incorporated Training Programe for local Mass Display Assistants.

2009 Final Four Consortium's Bidding for the SA Soccer World Cup Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Co-Director of Bidding Consortium. Creative Input. Design of Training Programe and full template for delivery of Mass Display elements.

2008 Africa Cup of Nations Ghana Opening Ceremony in Accra, Ghana

Mass Display and Staging Director plus Creative Director and Show consultant. Assistant to TV director in OB van.

2006 SA Soccer World Cup Promotional Tour in Cologne and Berlin, Germany.

Production Manager, Assistant Show Caller.

2006 Asian Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies and Medal Ceremonies in Doha, Qatar

 Auditor- technical assessment of ROI. Report commissioned by the State Audit Bureau for Qatar.

2003 ICC Cricket World Cup Opening Ceremony, Cape Town, SA

Executive Producer, Show Creator and Designer.

2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Mass Display Choreographer Assistant

1999 All Africa Games in Johannesburg ,SA . Opening and Closing Ceremony and Medal Ceremonies.

Co-Producer, Creative Director and Mass Display Staging Director

1996 South Africa Olympic Games Bid Events, Cape Town SA-Weightlifting World Championships, Fencing World Championships, Cycling World Championships- Opening & Closing Ceremonies plus Medal Ceremonies.

Producer, Creative Director and Mass Display Staging Director

1996 South Africa Olympic Games Bid –Final Bid Presentation Luzanne, Switzerland

Director of Dance Team